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About Us

Automation Specialists

For over twenty years we have specialized in designing and manufacturing Electrical and Electronic Panels with PLC. We offer Distribution and Control solutions for a wide range of automated systems, including renewable energy plants, olive oil mills, feed mills, weighing and bagging systems, cogeneration and temperature control systems.

Certified Technology and Security

We have always been committed to offering reliable and durable products that are compliant with the strict CEI-EN/IEC and ATEX standards that are currently in force.

However, we are also aware of the importance of industrial innovation and technological progress, especially in the field of automation. For this reason, we will continue to evolve and improve our electrical panels and our support services, investing in research and development to anticipate the needs of the market and make a real difference for our customers with efficient and cutting-edge solutions.

Our company never stops investing in innovative projects to develop products and services that meet the demands of the market and the needs of our customers. Research and development are crucial to our success and that of our customers.

Some of our staff members with the machine used

Mezzi di lavoro Sea - Muletto

Alta Tecnologia Certificata

Ci impegnamo da sempre nell’offrire prodotti affidabili, durevoli nel tempo e conformi alle rigide norme CEI – EN/IEC e ATEX oggi in vigore, ma siamo anche consapevoli dell’importanza dell’innovazione industriale e del progresso tecnologico specie nel campo dell’automazione.

Per questo continueremo ad evolvere evolvere e migliorare i nostri quadri elettrici e i nostri servizi di assistenza, continuando ad investire in ricerca e sviluppo così da anticipare le esigenze del mercato e fare davvero la differenza per i nostri clienti con soluzioni efficienti e all’avanguardia.

Alcuni dei nostri Clienti e Partner commerciali​

Automatic Warehouse 4.0

Within our warehouse, we have implemented a sophisticated 4.0 system equipped with cutting-edge technologies, such as real-time data collection and the use of predictive algorithms to optimize storage management. Our automatic 4.0 warehouse significantly reduces order preparation time, simplifies material restocking, and their monitoring.

Everything is controlled by sophisticated software that ensures a high level of inventory management accuracy and greater efficiency of business processes. This was accomplished through a considerable investment.

Some of our Clients and
Business Partners