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and Applications

Electrical Panel
for Oil Plants

Fundamental tools for the operation of an oil production plant, capable of properly distributing power to machines while also controlling and managing temperature, pressure, and other parameters relevant to proper operation of the entire plant.

Our electrical panel are equipped with all the devices and systems to guarantee the correct functioning of the entire processing plant. Furthermore, they can be equipped with advanced monitoring and remote control systems, which allow the system to be managed remotely and to intervene quickly in the event of anomalies or breakdowns.

In summary, we provide technologically advanced solutions, tailor-made for the specific needs of each olive production plant, which ensure precise and efficient control of the processing processes for table olives and olive oil production.

Electrical Panel for
Cereal Plants

Electronic devices to control and manage the power supply of equipment used in grain processing. We can provide management and control systems on every type of plant, from storage to raw material processing.

Our high-tech electrical panel are equipped with all the protection devices that ensure safe and efficient operation of the systems in all conditions.

Furthermore, they can be equipped and accessorised with monitoring systems and control systems that allow you to manage the system remotely and intervene promptly in the event that any fault or anomaly is detected.

Electrical Panel on
Board Machine

High-power electrical control and distribution systems, which we design specifically for installation on industrial machines, on construction machines, on agricultural machines, on woodworking machines or energy production machines.

Our electrical panels on the machine are designed and built to control and protect the electric motors, lighting systems and other electrical components inside the machine, guaranteeing safety and reliability.

Metal or reinforced polyester cabinets with lockable doors are provided to be installed on the machinery, and are supplied with all the systems that ensure reliability and durability over time. Stainless steel and food-grade stainless steel are also available upon request.

Specialized Technical Support

The after-sales assistance service that we offer is organized to guarantee efficiency and quick and decisive technical interventions. We can intervene in various ways depending on the actual needs, including intervening with highly specialized personnel both on site and by telephone, to quickly resolve critical issues and restart the systems in a very short time.

Furthermore, it is possible to access an “on-line” service dedicated to remote control and technical support by Internet.

Finally, scheduled maintenance contracts are available which allow you to prevent any problems and ensure maximum efficiency of the systems.

Software Support HMI

We also offer assistance and software implementation services on advanced control and command systems, on programmable controllers, on operator panels, on personal computers and more generally on all Man-Machine Interface (HMI) systems dedicated to the plant and developed by us according to the specific needs of the customer.

Our highly specialized technicians with decades of experience allow us to always intervene quickly and decisively regardless of the problem detected.